Saturday, May 23, 2015

Men Baka Ichidai

For the longest time, a friend of mine had been telling me about a shop in Kyoto where they light your ramen in fire. I had seen the videos online, but I just assumed it was too far or out of the way to make a trip worth it. However, on further inspection, it appeared that the infamous shop, Men Baka Ichidai, was not too hard to get to, and after being bugged my friend enough, we took the trip to get the fiery ramen.

We sat down and awaited our meal eagerly, like a couple of kids in line for a roller coaster. It took some time, but when it came out, it was too dangerous to take photos. You can find videos on youtube that show it in action. But how was the ramen itself?



The Bowl
The bowl was called "negi ramen", and to its name, there were plenty of "negi", or green onions in it. The broth and noodles were nothing out of the ordinary - a simple shoyu, and medium, long noodles, but the negi was stood out. Unlike the negi in most ramen, this bowl contained a ton of grilled negi, a similar taste that's available in yakitori. I guess the fire cooked them pretty good. It was a flavor I don't find often, and stood out for that.


Would I Go Again?
Flaming ramen once is enough.


Should You Go?
It's a fun gimmick once, if you're into that kind of thing.



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