Wednesday, April 1, 2015


After a stop in Toyama, my friend and I headed on the Kurobe Alpine Route, a bus, tram, and hike trek from Toyama to Nagano, stopping by a caldera, beautiful valleys, and Kurobe Dam. From there we traveled to Matsumoto. There's not a lot to say about the trip, so enjoy some pictures.


Kurobe Dam
Matsumoto Castle

It was a lot of fun and a good opportunity to see a part of the countryside of Japan I don't often get to see. But this isn't a travel blog, it's a ramen blog! The trains between Matsumoto and the rest of civilization were out due to a snowstorm, so I had to grab a bus to Nagoya and get a train from there. A stop in Nagoya means a chance for Nagoya ramen!

I barely had any time at all, so I stopped in Nagoya Station's Ramen Street. I went for the most Nagoya-sounding one, "Nagoya", and ordered their cochin chicken shoyu.



The Bowl
A bowl of classic shoyu! It was light and not bad, but it didn't shine in any particular way. The chicken was a nice touch, but with a sip of the broth alone there was nothing that made the cochin chicken seem different from the normal pork base.


Would I Go Again?
Eh, nah.


Should You Go?
It was thoroughly drinkable but nothing special. It's as good a place as any if you're passing through the station low on time like I was.



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