Sunday, March 29, 2015


After my preparation the night before, I was off to Toyama. I had gone pretty close on my trip to Kanazawa the year before, but this time I was planning on touring Toyama city and then heading on the Kurobe Alpine Route to see Kurobe Dam.


Whoops, I messed up in my Toyama Castle photo
 Toyama City
Firefly squid
White shrimp
Toyama craft beer Ecchu Fuga

But I wouldn't dream of stopping in Toyama without trying their famous ramen. I've had it on occasion before, but now with a chance to have it in its birthplace, I looked for a famous shop in the city, and made my way to Taiki.


The Bowl
They say that Toyama ramen was created in the fifties; laborers were working all day, and needed sodium to replenish all the salt they were sweating out. Where there's a need, business will fulfill it and extra-salty Toyama black was born. Workers would take rice from home, and use that to counteract the salt in the ramen itself.

I have to say, I understand why that rice was there. The pitch black soup was maybe the saltiest ramen I've ever had. In other bowls that would disappoint me, but with Toyama black that's kind of the point. Similar to Osaka's Takaida-kei ramen, you're not really supposed to drink the soup (although I did anyway), it's more of a flavoring agent for the absorbent yellow ropes of noodles. The menma were super thick too, and it was impossible to eat one of the slices of chashu without feeling like I took a small shot of soy sauce. I was not let down by this bowl.



Would I Go Again?
Toyama black is not an every day thing; it was a bit much but I also really enjoyed it; I would go back.


Should You Go?
For any ramen tourist, Taiki or a similar shop is a must stop.



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