Sunday, April 5, 2015

Men Factory Jaws

Yay, a new shop! I haven't been to Tanimachi Rokuchome besides to eat ramen and today would be no exception: just an excuse to try new tsukemen shop Men Factory Jaws. A strange name for a strange shop. From the outside it looks like any normal shop, but inside it's vaguely Hawaiian themed. I never thought of Hawaii being associated with tsukemen, but here we are. I sat down and ordered the tsukemen with an egg.

やった、新店!ラーメン以外谷六に行く理由は全くなくて今回もそうです。「麺FACTORY JAWS」は変な名前で店もちょっと変わっていました。外観は普通ですけど中身はちょっとハワイっぽかったです。ハワイとつけ麺は関係ないはずですけど。入って味玉つけ麺を頼みました。

The Bowl
One bowl, filled with a deep brown sauce and onions, another with thick, grainy noodles, an egg sliced in two width-wise, and a thick slice of juicy chashu waiting to be slathered in the sauce. The soup matched its main topping: it was a solid tonkotsu gyokai, but it could not hide its loud onion overtures. Everything lived up to its expectations here, but only the chashu soared above them.


A little thank you note

Would I Go Again?
Eh, it was good, but there's plenty of good tsukemen in this city.


Should You Go?
If you are around Tanimachi Rokuchome, this is a place you can count on. Otherwise you can skip it.



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