Friday, April 10, 2015


In July a new shop in Higashi Umeda Station called Mentetsu opened up. Just a couple weeks later, I heard all about it from my coworkers; a new shop with a hidden menu, showing up everywhere on TV. I had already visited, though, three days after opening, and just ordered the simple shoyu.


An opening present from Kadoya Shokudo
The Bowl
The whole shop smelled like the fresh shoyu ramen that was put in front of me. It was hot and simple, clear and salty. The clear and clean taste of the bowl was extended to the noodles, thin and barely containing any color themselves, and the thick slice of chashu with a sweet, subtle flavor. It was a refreshing bowl if a bit salty.


Would I Go Again?
I might go back for the hidden menu.


Should You Go?
I would recommend it for assari shoyu fans.


大阪 麺哲

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