Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Saku no Saku

As hard as it is to believe, there was a time before Friends in Ramen began. Even in that time, I ate ramen. I try to visit as many places as I can, so when I started this blog I faced a dilemma: what do I do about the places I've visited before I started writing? In Tokyo I've gone back to see if shops I visited long ago withstand the test of time, and on this day I've done the same with Saku no Saku.

I visited Saku no Saku within a couple weeks of arriving in Osaka. It is in a central location, and was reviewed well. I was a bit disappointed though, which has prevented me from going back. But on a Sunday with a lot of free time I decided to revisit the Dotonbori joint, and give the chashu-laden tonkotsu another try.

信じがたいかもしれませんけどFriends in Ramenができる前にラーメンを食べました。できるだけいいろいろな店に行こうとするのでブログを書き始めたときに問題が起きました。何の問題化というと行ったことがある店にもう一回行ったらいいかということです。東京なら何回か行ったことある店に行ってまだおいしいかを確認していました。この日「作の作」の再確認しました。


The Bowl
So how is Saku no Saku on its second visit? Pretty much the same as the first. A very acceptable tonkotsu soup, covered in a clear oily sheen, and soft, yellow noodles. There was a ton of chashu as promised, but it was crumbly and didn't stand out. Definitely not bad, but not worthy of high praise either.


Would I Go Again?
Nope, I got my review finally.


Should You Go?


千日前本店 作ノ作

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