Friday, February 20, 2015


One lazy Sunday evening I wanted to try a new bowl, but was tired of heading in the direction of Umeda. Some looking on ramendb led me to Togyushi, a beef bone bowl by Shitennoji. Not knowing much about it I went in, and was offered my choice between a clear shoyu and a shio paitan. I ordered the paitan.


The Bowl
A swirl of milky shio ramen with a base of beef. The salty broth was a bit too oily, and didn't stand above the better use of beef in the bowl, the beef tendon topping. The tendon was sweet and tender, a succulent contrast to the soup. The ramen was served with bean sprouts and chives on the side; they made the ramen taste more generic, but I suppose I appreciate the option.


Would I Go Again?
The ramen was edible, but certainly not worth a return visit.


Should You Go?
Non-pork eaters might have something to visit here, but otherwise you can skip it.



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