Sunday, March 1, 2015

Rarara no Ramen Ittonriki

It's not every day I make it down to Sakai, but sometimes I get the hankering for a bowl of ramen or tsukemen that's famous down there. In fact, the last time I went out of my way to Sakai for a bowl of ramen was a year and a half ago. Similar to that time, it wasn't any dish that could tempt me, but curry tsukemen.

Rarara no Ramen is a shop I had read about in Ramen Walker ages ago, and kept wanting to go. As soon as I arrived, I realized they offered so many other items, such as a spicy miso tsukemen, but it was curry tsukemen I came for, so it was curry tsukemen I ordered.



The Bowl
A dip of the noodles into the curry revealed that this well-spiced, hearty broth showed the signs of a great meal: the curry wasn't just good with the noodles, it would have been delicious eaten on its own or with rice. I did not reject the flat, grainy noodles, though which like the under-flavored chashu, came into their own after sucking in the rich soup. Even towards the end, although the soup was a bit salty when drank on its own, the wari-soup diluted it just enough to make for an after-dinner light curry snack.


Would I Go Again?


Should You Go?


らららのらーめん 一豚力


  1. Wow, it definitely sounds delectable, as good as your rich description. Although I'm totally new to your site, I already look forward to reading your post. Thank you. 
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  2. Thanks! There'll be a lot more ramen, and if I'm lucky, a lot more curry ramen too!