Sunday, February 15, 2015

Ganso Shio Seseri Ramen Kesara

Out of nowhere a few months ago, one of the ever-changing ramen shops of Dotonbori turned into a new shio shop, Ganso Shio Seseri Ramen Kesara. At the same time, another branch of the shop opened up in Ebisucho. Before I had a chance to, a friend of mine paid a drunken visit to the branch by Dotonbori and decided it was the ultimate way to end the night. We took a trip to the Ebisucho shop and saw if I would drink the Kool-aid; or hot soup anyway.


The Bowl
The broth was less like shio ramen I've had before and more like a lemon-y chicken soup. It was a welcome difference, and the drinkability of the broth combined with the heartiness of the meat made it clear why this would hit home after a few pints. The noodles were curly and full of bounce, making the whole bowl simple but satisfying.


Would I Go Again?


Should You Go?
If you're interested in a bowl of shio that's a bit different, check Seseri out.


元祖塩せせりらぁめん けさら

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