Thursday, February 12, 2015

Shiromaru Base

Ippudo is a chain, and branches can be found all over Japan. However, in Umeda sits a very special branch, just above the normal shop. An experimental tonkotsu shop, Shiromaru Base is a sub-brand of Ippudo offering more kotteri soups than its standard shops. In central Umeda, I had overlooked the shop for a long time, but finally made it out to try their signature tonkotsu ramen.


The Bowl
It had been a long time since I visited Ippudo, but a sip of Shiromaru Base's broth and the memories came streaming back, only magnified. It was like someone took whatever mechanism they use to tune the ramen at Ippudo and pushed it to the max; each sip tasted like a fatty dollop of the essence of tonkotsu. The hard Hakata-style noodles, kikurage, egg, and barbecued chashu were all of the solid standard Ippudo always meets. I was worried that I wouldn't be able to make it through the bowl, but the strong tonkotsu was kept just to the point where I could enjoy it through the end of the noodles. Sounds like this experiment was a success.


Would I Go Again?


Should You Go?
This is a must for all tonkotsu lovers.



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  1. We went yesterday to the Shiromaru Base branch in Shibuya. Was far too salty. Prefer the usual Ippudo. Best dining experience we had was the Ginza branch