Monday, January 9, 2012


Finally, a trip to Junpuden.  Junpuden is a place I spotted in Ramen Walker and ramendb, and have wanted to go to for a long time.  It's in Sakai, which is in Osaka prefecture but south of Osaka city, so I've never had any reason to travel there aside from ramen.  In addition, Junpuden is closed on Sundays, which makes it even more annoying to go to.  But this weekend gave me a Monday off, which was enough to get me to make the trip.

Now if you're wondering what it is that made me travel far out of my way to get ramen, the answer is simple: curry.  I've gone out of my way to eat curry ramen and tsukemen before, and I will again.  Junpuden offers both, in addition to tantan men/tsukemen and super spicy tsukemen.  If you eat the super spicy tsukemen, you get your picture on the wall.  I was not brave enough to try that this time, but maybe if I'm back.


Junpuden is just north of the shopping arcade on the west side of Sakai Higashi Station.

The Bowl
Thick noodles, and thick broth, just the way I like my tsukemen.  The broth was barely a soup, it was practically a bowl full of curry sauce.  But that made it very good for the noodles to pick up.  There was a little bit of spice to it, too.  Aside from the noodles and sauce, there were a few pieces of chashu and menma too.  The chashu was in thick pieces; not particularly fatty, but they tasted very good covered in curry.

Would I Go Again?
Absolutely.  I want to try the tantanmen, and one day it would be fun to lose to try the super spicy tsukemen, too.  I hear they even make you drink all the broth.

Should You Go?
If you like curry.  It's far, but it's good.

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