Tuesday, December 9, 2014


A walk around Denden Town at night and I found new abura soba shop Kirinji by the people behind classic Suzume. Abura soba is a pretty rare form of ramen in these parts, so I'm always happy to see a new shop. Kirinji had a simple menu, so I went with the recommended half-boiled egg abura soba.


The Bowl
The noodles filling the bowl were medium-thick and chewy, and the whole mix had a light oil and seaweed flavor. As with many abura soba bowls, the simple flavor asks for toppings to be added. The vinegar wasn't too sour, which was a good change of pace from some places that can have the bowl pushed a bit too far in that direction, but the spicy miso is what really shone. It added a kick to the otherwise slightly-too-bland combination of toppings, vinegar, and ra-yu.


Would I Go Again?
There was nothing particularly special, so I won't be back.


Should You Go?
Unless you're hankering abura soba you can safely skip this one.



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