Thursday, July 10, 2014

Men Ippai

Tsukamoto Station - a place I had heard of but never visited. I had heard of it only in passing; a couple times from people, and once as the location of a branch of Suzume. I assumed that that meant there would be a bustling area surrounded by the station, so on a lazy Sunday I walked over there. I arrived and there was...nothing. Not wanting to leave completely empty-handed, I took a photo of the station name.


And let's not forget that while I was there I stopped at Men Ippai. A couple of shoyu bowls: one assari and one kotteri. A long walk on a hot day meant that I wanted to try the lighter one and I went for the assari.


The Bowl
A classic looking shoyu, the broth glimmered with oil and gobs of pig fat. There was salt, and maybe a little fish, along with the straight, noodles that looked uneven as if they were handmade. The grease extended to the piece of chashu stretched across the top of the bowl, and like the broth, the chashu was passable but left something to be desired.


Would I Go Again?
Nah, it was far and disappointing.


Should You Go?



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