Friday, July 26, 2013

Menkuimen Tajisuta Danieru no Bai

Most ramen shops are small venus that exclusively serve ramen, save for occasionally a small rice bowl or beer. But some shops are restaurants or even bars that happen to have a well-reviewed bowl on their menu. Danieru no Bai was one of those, boasting a standard shoyu ramen and the more adventurous Maze Tsukemen Danieru no Panchi. Different, with a complicated set of steps on how to eat it, I had to order the latter.

普通のラーメン屋さんはラーメンしか売っていませんけど、たまに評価がいいラーメンを売っているレストランかバーもあります。麺喰いメン太ジスタ だにえるの場合は普通の心斎橋にあるバーに見えるんですけどおいしいらしいラーメンも売っています。スタンダードの醤油とちょっと変わっている混ぜつけ麺だにえるのパンチって言うメニューがありました。ちょっと面白そうでしたから、後者にしました。

The Bowl
Eating this bowl is a three step process. First, you try the noodles as they are. Then you mix it up, like a standard abura soba. After eating a third of the meal, you dip the noodles in the raw egg provided on the side. The final third you eat however you like.

This was a strong bowl; thick, chewy noodles, combined with a flavorful sauce that was a little garlicky and had a bit of kick. The egg removed the spice and made the concoction taste smoother. It was a unique bowl, delicious in both forms.



Would I Go Again?


Should You Go?


麺喰いメン太ジスタ だにえるの場合。

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