Monday, June 16, 2014

Tsukemen Suzume

It was a Sunday night and I was hungry for some tsukemen. I've hit most of the places close to where I live, so I looked south to a branch of a shop that I visited before and had high praise for. Tsukemen Suzume has delivered high quality tsukemen before, and two and a half years ago I settled for the standard tsukemen, but this time I made sure to get the spicy one. Their spice scale goes from 1x to 15x, and though the waitress recommended 5x, I had to be stupid and go for 10x.


The Bowl
A thick, spicy gyokai tonkotsu like I expected. It was spicy, but not super spicy; maybe I should have gone with the 15x spiciness. The noodles were super thick, and there were spicy pieces of chashu littered in the hot soup. After filling myself on noodles and pork, I poured the yuzu-based wari-soup in for one final, citrus kick.


Would I Go Again?
I have before and I will again.


Should You Go?


つけ麺 雀

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