Sunday, May 18, 2014


I was taking a leisurely walk home from work one day, hoping maybe to stop somewhere and get dinner on the way. I spotted Takaraseimenjo in the Shinsaibashi arcade, a shop I had been to before and had a good experience, but I was not intending to visit again, at least not on this night. Then I saw what they had added since I had last been there: shrimp miso tsukemen. There are too many buzzwords there for me to ignore, so I dropped everything and went inside.


The Bowl
The miso broth was very shrimpy, but not too thick. The noodles, on the other hand, were extremely fat, and had a good sour kick from the sudachi vinegar added to them. There was a big chunk of chashu in the soup that was very juicy. To finish the meal off, I ordered extra rice and wari-soup. The soup went well with the rice just as it did noodles, but the wari-soup watered it down a bit too much.


Would I Go Again?
This was pretty delicious and is now by Dotonbori, so I might stop by again.


Should You Go?
Any miso fan should check it out.



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