Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Nara My Home Festa

One Saturday morning, I got a message from a friend. He was in Nara and wanted to join him. I had plans later in the day, so I didn't think I'd be able to make it. But then he let me know that happening at that moment was the Nara My Home Festa, a mostly boring event that happened to have eight different ramen shops presenting bowls to the public. I got out of bed and headed over there.

I arrived and took in the calm atmosphere. There were eight shops, but I only had the stomach to try a couple of them. I decided first to go with Nara's own Menya Kukan, and their tonkotsu shoyu bowl.



The Bowl
I always prefer to start out these ramen crawls with a rich bowl. Menya Kukan lived up to that with an oily, garlickly bowl. That was about the best part of it, though, as it was a bit overly salty, the noodles were rubbery, and the chashu was bland.

But that's why I eat multiple bowls. Next I decided to go for a much lighter bowl - a light shio from Amano Jack.



The Bowl
This was a welcome break from the rich garlic of the previous bowl. Amano Jack's broth was salty, but was cut into by a refreshing lemon accent. The noodles were light and easy to drink, and the chashu had the strong and delicious flavors of having been marinated in soy sauce for a long time.



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