Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Watanabe Seimen

For a random part of Osaka, Uehonmachi has quite a few interesting ramen shops. Located between Osaka'a Koreatown Tsuruhashi and electronics district Nipponbashi, Uehonmachi is most notable for its rundown mall Hihi Town. Just a few blocks away, though, is a tsukemen shop, Watanabe Seimen.

Watanabe Seimen offered four different kinds of soup and two different kinds of noodles. There was the original gyokai tonkotsu, plus a veggie potage, a spicy minced meat, and a curry one. Yes, I wanted all of them. But, for my first time, I had to go with the standard. For noodles, there were simply thick and medium-thick, so I went with the thick ones.



With four kinds of soup, I'm tempted to come back to try them all.

The Bowl
A good gyokai tonkotsu indeed. The broth had a bit of a light flavor, but it was thick enough to stick to the extra thick, chewy noodles. The lightness of the soup was made up for by the yuzushio on the side. It balanced the bowl out a bit, giving the noodles and broth a bit more substance. The chashu was very fatty, and the bowl was finished off by a refreshing and slightly spicy wari-soup containing shichimi.


Would I Go Again?
Yes, I still have three soups to try.


Should You Go?
Yeah, it's the best tsukemen shop in the area.



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