Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Maratantanmen Dojima

In this year's edition of ramen walker, they have a page dedicated just to spicy ramen in Osaka. If there was ever a feature written for me, this was it. I've already been to one or two of the shops, but that means there's quite a few left for me to check out. I went to a side alley in Kitashinchi, where Maratantanmen Dojima sits, a shop with various kinds of tantanmen. They offered soupless varieties in addition to ones flavored with black or white sesame, like one of my favorite shops. After some deliberation, I got the black sesame tantanmen.


They offered five, yes five, different kinds of spicy seasonings. Two, the Sichuan spicy pepper and the green Sichuan spicy pepper, have Sichuan numbing spice. The homemade ra-yu and chotenrajao are made from hot peppers. And, of course, the marajao contained both hot peppers and Sichuan peppers. The veritable king of spices.


The Bowl
The black tantanmen was deep and smokey, the colors of the oil reflecting the spice and flavors of the broth. It wasn't too spicy, but was a bit sweet; this changed as I mixed in the different spices. With five to choose from it was easy to get the right level of numbing and hot pepper spice I wanted. I put in a lot of the green Sichuan pepper, though it's hard to beat the marajao that had both kinds of spiciness. The noodles captured the taste of the soup, and overall it was a complex and delicious bowl.


Would I Go Again?


Should You Go?
If you like spice at all, then yes.


麻辣坦々麺 堂島

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