Tuesday, March 25, 2014


In December, a friend and I decided to do a crazy long walk. We decided to walk from Osaka to Nara. It took a long time, and by the end we were hungry. Hungry enough that we took a train all the way back to Umeda, where we hit up my friend's favorite ramen chain from his time in North America, Santoka. I hadn't been to Santoka before, so I was interested.

Santoka is a chain from Asahikawa in Hokkaido. Though Hokkaido is most widely known for Sapporo miso ramen, Asahakikawa is known for their shoyu ramen. My friend recommended the miso, though, so I went for that.



The Bowl
Ah, it had been too long since I had a bowl of miso ramen; they are way too hard to find in Osaka. Santoka's miso was a standard, oily broth that had a good body, filled with trademark Sapporo-style curly noodles. The toppings were all their too; the spiral fishcake, menma, kikurage, and melty tender chashu.


Would I Go Again?
The ramen was decent; I'm curious about their shoyu but I'm in no rush.


Should You Go?
It's not a bad place to get miso, but there are other good shops in the area, too.


らーめん 山頭火

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