Sunday, August 4, 2013


The Ramen Gekijo in Nipponbashi is supposed to cycle through new ramen shops, but recently it's been revisiting old shops that have been there once before. This time is classic tonkotsu shop Aozora. Aozora was successful enough that it spawned an independent restaurant not too far away. The special sesame sardine shoyu ramen was advertised as having won a food festival earlier in the year, so I tried that.


The Bowl
I haven't had a bowl this sesame in a while. The shoyu base itself was light and refreshing, which was good because it didn't conflict with the taste of the sesame. The noodles too were light, and also filled with sesame seeds, making for strange but delicious bites. The bowl was filled with shredded pork; fatty, and delicious.


Would I Go Again?
Yes; the shop will change soon enough.


Should You Go?



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