Monday, September 10, 2012


Wow, I seem to have amassed a sizable collection of curry-themed restaurants and ramen shops in Kansai.  Nothing to complain about.  Add one more, with the recently opened bar-and-curry joint, THE EIGHT.  There menu was full of things ramen and non-ramen, and aside from the golden curry tsukemen I ordered, the main item that stood out to me was the super-spicy punch ramen.  I love spice...but I came for the curry.

1-22-14 Shinmachi

The Bowl
The broth really stood out compared to the other curry noodle dishes I've had recently.  It was a hot, thin curry, but it was spicy and actually tasted a bit more like Indian curry than the standard Japanese stuff.  The noodles were medium and firm.  The menma and chashu were both very good, and matched the curry's taste well.

Would I Go Again?
Yeah, this place seemed like a cool place to get a drink, and also delicious curry tsukemen.

Should You Go?
Yeah, it's worth the short trek westward.

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