Sunday, June 2, 2013

Shirunashi Tantanmen Stand

Summer is the time for festivals, and even though I went to one just a week earlier, there is always more food and craft beer to enjoy. After surveying the food available, I decided that I would have another go at tantanmen. This shop offered multiple levels of spiciness for its soupless tantanmen, and like the last time I ordered soupless tantanmen, I went a little crazy and got the "hell" level.

夏は祭りとフェスの季節なので、最近ジビールフェスに行っても、もっと食べたり飲んだりしたいでした。いろいろな屋台をみて、結局また担々麺を食べることにしました。この 屋台で辛さが選べるので、前回の汁なし担々麺みたいに、ちょっとやりすぎて「地獄」というレベルにしました。

The Bowl
There was not a lot going on in the bowl; it was mostly chewy noodles and a ton of red pepper, along with a few hot peppers for good measure. Still, it was tasty.


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