Friday, May 31, 2013

Chibo no Tantanmen

It was the short time in Japan between the chilly winter and humid summer - May. I had one last day, so I decided to walk by Utusubo Park. Around there was a tantanmen shop I had wanted to try for a while. There were tons of spicy options, but since it was my first time I went with the staff-recommended white sesame tantanmen.


3 Chome-3-8 Utsubohonmachi

The Bowl
Wow, they weren't kidding about the white sesame in this bowl. There was a ton of it and white pepper hovering at the top. It was pretty spicy but not overwhelming. The noodles were curly and chewy, and the sprouts and ground pork went with the sesame flavor well.


Would I Go Again?
It was a solid if standard bowl of tantanmen, but I want to try the other items on the menu.


Should You Go?
For those in Osaka craving some spice, this is a good place.


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