Friday, May 3, 2013


Part one of Golden Week was my fantastic trip to Tottori. For the second Golden Weekend, I had four days off so I went with two friends to Onomichi and Kagawa. Anyone who knows me at all knows my primary reasons for going: Onomichi is famous for ramen and Kagawa is famous for udon. Onomichi's style is shoyu, but rich and savery, and filled with pieces of gelatinous pork fat. It's the most famous thing about Onomichi, so we started with the most famous shop, Shukaen.


4-12 Toyohi Motomachi

The Bowl
A hot bowl of shoyu, just how I like it. As opposed to the more classic, simple shoyu I'm used to, this had a stronger taste. It tasted almost like hoisin sauce; a salty, savory sauce put on a lot of Chinese food. A lot of these simpler, historical bowls have more Chinese elements, like the flat long noodles Shukaen offered. The blobs pork back fat were like pieces of jelly, and chewing through them was satisfying save for the fact that I knew how bad they were for me.


Would I Go Again?
If I'm ever in Onomichi again, I'll be back.


Should You Go?
The best reason to go to Onomichi.


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