Wednesday, May 1, 2013


It was finally May, and I decided to celebrate the beginning of summer by going to Kyobashi to get ramen with a friend. Kyobashi is a dirty place, filled with love hotels, pachinko parlors and karaoke joints. Fortunately that means it's full of restaurants and bars too. We first trekked to nearby Sakuranomiya to eat at famous kotteri chicken shop Koryumasu. Upon finding out that they were closed, we went to a shop I first went to shortly after arriving in Osaka two years ago. Hanakyo is a small place that fits no more than ten, known for its shoyu and tonkotsu ramen. Fast and delicious, it's the perfect place to make the first stop on a night of drinking. I ordered the kotteri tonkotsu ramen.


中華そば 花京
3 Chome-10-4 Higashinodamachi

The Bowl
Having this bowl of tonkotsu ramen shoved in front of me but a few feet from the bustling arcade made me feel like I was back in Fukuoka. The broth I got when I ordered at the food stalls in Fukuoka was light, but this was rich and fatty. The noodles were similar, though; thin and hard, the way they taste best in tonkotsu. In case that alone didn't fill me up, the chashu melted like butter in my mouth, ensuring I wouldn't be hungry for hours.


Would I Go Again?
Yeah, this was my second time and it's good enough to try a third.


Should You Go?
Yeah, it's the perfect place to use as a jumping point to explore Kyobashi.


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