Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Ramen Jinsei JET

For a relatively small part of the city, Fukushima has a lot of good ramen shops.  I've been to a few already, and there's still more high on my list.  After hanging out in Kitashinchi earlier, my friend and I decided to get food in Fukushima, and lucky for us, JET barely had a line when we passed by.  JET is a shop that primarily serves shoyu ramen, and is ranked pretty high on ramendb.  I'd passed it a couple times before, but never had the patience to wait.

ラーメン人生 JET
Ōsaka-fu, Ōsaka-shi, Fukushima-ku, Fukushima, 7丁目12−2
Ramen Jinsei JET is just north of Fukushima station on the west side.

The Bowl
JET's shoyu ramen was a fairly classic and delicious bowl.  The broth was oily and peppery, in just the right amounts.  The noodles were medium and firm, and there were thin strips of menma as well.  There was one big piece of chashu that you can see took up a good amount of the bowl.  It was fatty and chewy, but tasty.  This reminded me most of the non-black shoyu ramen available at Kinguemon, another Osaka classic.

Would I Go Again?
Yeah.  There are some other places I want to try in Fukushima first, but I would go again.

Should You Go?
Yes.  There's usually a line, but I got there pretty late and it was easy to get in.

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