Wednesday, May 29, 2013


I had some time after work and decided I would wander around a part of east Umeda, Doyamacho. I had never really been there before, but it's in the part of Umeda that should be full of interesting bars and restaurants. I looked up a ramen shop beforehand - bird. bird claims to be the product of a Japanese food competition, and produced by Japanese author Kumagai Tatsuya. A weird combination, to be sure, but all the more intriguing. All they offer is ramen and tsukemen. I got the ramen, which came topped with, unbelievably, cotton candy.


8-10 Dōyamachō

The Bowl
A two-faced bowl of ramen. The soup was a rich shoyu, but as I was instructed by the chef, I mixed the cotton candy into just one half of the broth. That side became light and sweet. I would have never guessed that cotton candy mixed well, but it made a salty soup syrupy and drinkable. The noodles were pretty thick, and there was a monstrous piece of tender chashu that went well with both faces of the soup.


Would I Go Again?
Yeah, this place was crazy and delicious.


Should You Go?


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