Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Most of the time on this blog I write strictly about ramen and tsukemen. But every once in a while, something weird enough that's ramen-like comes around, and I can't help but take note. This time is fast food chain Lotteria's ramen burger. Created by Tokyo's famous Menya Musashi, the ramen burger is ramen noodles, chashu, and sauce on bread. Served with a side of soup. They even offered kaedama, a refill of noodles, which of course I had to try.


The set as it is presented

A look inside

How do you eat this thing?

The kaedama, or noodle refill


The whole thing was ridiculous, and not very good. The sauce was salty, the noodles were thin and stringy, and the chashu tasted like generic fast food meat. The soup was thin and light, with little flavor. Weirdly enough, there was mayo on the burger, too. I'm glad I had it, and I dare say I'm confident that it can be done right, but this was done like a fast food chain.


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