Saturday, April 20, 2013

Zekkocho Ramen

One place I know I can come back to time and time again is Nipponbashi's Ramen Gekijo. It changes every few months to a new shop with new types of ramen. Last year I visited the beef-bone shop Gyukotsuo and then later I went to the Hakata style tonkotsu spin-off Aozora. I missed the Italian style place in the winter, but finally I had another chance to go back and try another Hakata style shop, Zekkocho Ramen.


4-10-9 Nipponbashi

The Bowl
It was a standard but good, thin, rich tonkotsu bowl. They had recommended the fat noodles, so I had chosen those, and they were firm and curly. Two chewy slices of chashu and a smattering of kikurage topped off the bowl.


Would I Go Again?
Yeah, it's pretty good and there were a couple other kinds of ramen that sounded interesting.


Should You Go?
At time of writing the next shop has opened up at Ramen Gekijo, so you can't go.


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