Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Miyata Menji

All the time the world is blessed with the birth of a new ramen shop.  Other times we must bow our heads in sadness as a ramen shop disappears.  Miyata Menji, one of the first shops I ever visited in Osaka, has had its time come.

Miyata Menji was founded by a Japanese comedian, Miyata Tetsuji.  He wanted to show the world how delicious wheat flour in noodles could be, so he had them made for Miyata Menji.  After about two years of operation, Miyata felt that his duty was complete, and had the place shut down.  And what spookier day to say goodbye to a ramen shop than Halloween?  I came straight from work so sadly I was not in costume.

Miyata Menji typically has three different kinds of noodles available, but for the final night they had only one type of noodle available: the T2G Final.

1-13-5 Higashishinsaibashi

The Bowl
Miyata Menji is all about the noodles, but they offered a pretty solid broth too.  It was a sweet gyokai tonkotsu, with a strange-but-fitting tomato taste.  The noodles were good on their own and in the broth; they were very chewy and covered in little bits of wheat flour.  There was an extra-chewy large noodle sheet, too.  In addition to the pork, menma, and egg, which were all good, there were some vegetable chips with the noodles.  I've never had anything like that in ramen before, but they went pretty well.

Would I Go Again?
I would.  But alas, it is no more.

Should You Go?
Yes, but you can't.

R.I.P. Miyata Menji.

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