Monday, October 29, 2012


Another rare second-time visit!  Avid fans of this blog may remember that about a year ago I visited a branch of Mannen in Umeda, checking out their curry tsukemen.  This time, a friend invited me to grab a bowl in the Shinsaibashi area, and she took me to Mannen.

They didn't have curry tsukemen at this branch, and I was tempted to get something wacky, but my friend advised that I try the standard tonkotsu ramen.  So tonkotsu it was.

らーめん餃子専門店 まんねん
3-6-4 Minamisenba

The Bowl
Creamy, rich, classic tonkotsu broth.  I've been having a lot of these recently.  The noodles were thin as you'd expect, though fairly soft even though I asked for them hard.  The chashu was pretty decent as well.

Would I Go Again?
A solid bowl of tonkotsu.  Nothing to complain about, but also no reason to go back.

Should You Go?
Not when you could go to Zundoya instead.

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