Friday, September 28, 2012


Ever since I started my job in Osaka, my boss has been talking my ear off about Tokiya.  The lines, the fame, the thick porky goodness.  It's in a bit of an inconvenient location, and the last time I tried to go there I had read that they had changed their hours.  I used this as an excuse for a while, but then randomly a friend of mine who lived in the area invited me to grab a beer and have some tsukemen.  (Check out his post on Tokiya, too!)

Tokiya offers a rich pork tsukemen and a light chicken tsukemen.  They recommended both to us, based on what we like, and since I'm a thick-soup kinda guy I went with the pork.

5-1-4 Nishinakajima

The Bowl
Man, they said it was rich and that was no joke.  After just a few noodle-fulls of the super-porky broth I could already feel myself start to get full and weighed down.  It was so flavorful and frothy though that I didn't mind at all.  The noodles were fat and chewy, the perfect kind for a soup like this.  The egg was melty and great, all the toppings were in fact, but the chashu really stood out.  There were fatty, tender chunks of pork waiting already in the soup, and one really thick, peppery piece sitting out with the noodles.  At the end, instead of getting wari-soup, they gave us a dish called dashi-kake gohan.  I've seen places that give you rice at the end, but I've never seen anything quite like this.  They told us to pour our soup onto the rice, and eat it.  It was light, and a refreshing way to end this amazing meal.

Would I Go Again?
I'm a convert.  This is now one of my favorite places in Osaka.

Should You Go?

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