Friday, September 21, 2012

Mister Puppy

More curry ramen!  I had seen Mister Puppy in a magazine or two and online before, and was interested in checking it out, as I am with any curry ramen shop.  It's a bit out of the way, but I had some time and was hungry, and decided to head over there.

They offered a number of different kind of curry ramen bowls, from the basic pork curry ramen, to ones with ume and squid ink.  I was curious about some of the weird ones, but since it was my first visit they recommended I stick with the pork.

Also, shameless plug: Yahoo has started a ramen ambassadors project, and if you look closely at my picture there, you'll notice that it was taken here at Mister Puppy!

3-6-27 Nishitenma

The Bowl
The broth was a very solid curry, thick and slightly spicy.  The noodles were medium, curly, and springy.  There were tons of onion that added a bit of flavor, and the pork was in small slices that were pretty good.  Overall it was a solid bowl, but didn't stand out above the other curry bowls I've had before.

Would I Go Again?
Eh, maybe.  I'm curious about the wacky bowls, but probably not curious enough to go out of the way.

Should You Go?
It's solid, but it's out of the way.  You can skip it.

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