Saturday, September 8, 2012


Osaka is the third most populous city in Japan.  The first is obviously Tokyo, but what is the second?  It's Yokohama, the port town that's close enough to Tokyo to absorb a chunk of the people who want to live near the big city.  Yokohama has to its name a Chinatown, a baseball team, and most importantly, a style of ramen.

Yokohama style ramen, called "iekei", has tonkotsu shoyu broth, seaweed as a topping, and the customer can choose a few things about the ramen, like the hardness of the noodles and how rich the broth is.  I've eaten iekei bowls in a few places in the Tokyo area, including the home of the style, Yoshimuraya.  Iekei is all but unheard of in Kansai, so I hadn't had a chance to try any in Osaka.  Until today, when I found that there is a new shop replacing the late Nipponbashi branch of Tsuboya.

らーめん あじどの
1-4-11 Sennichimae

The Bowl
This was my first time in a while to get iekei ramen, so I decided to get all the options as standard.  The broth was an oily tonkotsu shoyu strongly reminiscent of the bowls I had in Tokyo, but this soup was a little bland.  The noodles were medium, and the chashu was standard but nothing special.  Overall the bowl didn't leave a large impression on me, but maybe the right answer was to ask for a richer broth.

Would I Go Again?
I'm not in a rush, but if I do, I'll customize the bowl more.

Should You Go?
If you're in Kansai, this may be one of the other places you can get iekei ramen, but you'd be better off trying it in Kanto.

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