Saturday, August 25, 2012

Ramen Ukaan

A lot of Osaka's ramen is centered around Umeda or Namba.  Today I was lucky enough to find one in Horie, a posh area that is really convenient for me.  Ukaan is advertised in Ramen Walker for its shio ramen, but they also offer a miso-based tantanmen and miso tsukemen.  I love both of those things, so it was a trial forcing myself to order the shio.

らーめん 羽化庵

The Bowl
The soup was a light, refreshing shio with a slight chicken flavor.  It was like drinking a light chicken soup.  The noodles were thin and soft.  They clumped together, making it easy to eat piles of them at once.  The egg and menma were both pretty solid, and the chashu, while a little dry, was very flavorful.

Would I Go Again?
The shio was pretty good on its own, and I want to try the miso, so I will be back.

Should You Go?
Yes, if you can make the trek a couple stations west of Shinsaibashi.

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