Sunday, July 1, 2012


Wow, so it's been a year.  It hasn't yet been a year since when I first started posting, but it's been a year since I moved to Osaka.  A new year means a new apartment, and a new apartment means a new base for ramen walks.  In my first exploration, I headed into Horie to check out a small shio ramen shop.

They offered a few different permutations of shio ramen, but one item in particular caught my eye: shio tantanmen.  I've tried mixed styles recently with success, so why not try again?

塩ラーメン専門店 汐家
2-15-13 Kitahorie

The Bowl
If the curry tsukemen I had previously was a little crazy, then was straight up insane.  The broth was thin and clear, but a very flavorful and hot-peppery shio.  As if the spicy broth wasn't enough, the flat noodles were pretty spicy themselves.  The ground pork and egg were both great; the only thing lacking in this bowl was the standard chashu.

Would I Go Again?
Absolutely.  The owner said that they make a ma-yu ramen in the winter that's not on the menu, too.

Should You Go?
Yeah.  It'll give you a good reason to venture out into the wilderness that is Nishi-ku.

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