Friday, July 13, 2012

Kamigata Danshichi

One of my coworkers spent a lot of time in Kobe, and one day he regaled me with stories of one of his favorite tsukemen shops there.  After talking about it for a little while, we realized that there was a branch right in Umeda.  I needed dinner after work that night, so I went straight over there.

ラーメン屋 上方 段七
3-2 Umeda

The Bowl
The broth was chicken and katsuo-based, but the fish taste was much stronger than the chicken.  It was light, and pretty salty.  The noodles were fat and delicious, and the chashu was pretty good too.  Overall the toppings were solid, but not amazing.  The wari-soup was generically decent, but the broth was still a little salty.

Would I Go Again?
The bowl was alright but nothing special.  I won't be back.

Should You Go?
There are better places you can go in Umeda or Fukushima over this one.

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