Thursday, August 18, 2011


I had just finished work and was pretty hungry.  I had never been to Shugetsu, which I discovered in Ramen Walker, and my friend independently ran into while touring the city.  I knew it was walking distance from home, and the decision was made.

I walked through a dead Kuromon market and arrived at the restaurant, which was also pretty empty.  I decided to go for the tsukesoba with an egg.

Ōsaka-fu Ōsaka-shi Chūō-ku Nipponbashi 2丁目10−4
Shugetsu is on the same street as Kuromon Market, a bit south.

The Bowl
The broth was the weakest part of the tsukemen, which is kind of a big deal since it's also the most important part.  The flavor was pretty good and a maybe a little fishy, but it was way too salty.  As someone who eats ramen often I don't mind salt in general, but this was a bit too much, and made it hard to get through all the soup.  The noodles were thick and pretty chewy.  The chashu was split into strips and thick slices.  The strips were very fatty, but both were quite good.  They were easily the highlight of the meal.

Would I Go Again?
I wasn't too impressed with the tsukemen, though I really liked the chashu.  Their other main dish is their abura soba, so I'm a little curious about that, but with so many other places in the area I don't think I'll head back any time soon.  If I went again, I would probably go on a Wednesday night, when they turn into an alternate restaurant.

Should You Go?
If you're in the greater Nanba or Nipponbashi area, there are better bowls to be had.  If you're craving something really salty and want some of their delicious chashu, Shugetsu may be what you're looking for.

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