Friday, May 11, 2012


It had been a while since I had ramen, and I had been hankering for some.  I found one day where I wasn't busy, and walked home from work.  I had never heard of it before, but I picked out a place on the way home, and Shingetsu was it.

They offered a number of chicken paitan ramen bowls, both shio and shoyu.  I was deciding between the shoyu paitan and the gyokai shoyu paitan, but in the end went with the former because the staff suggested that one was richer.

8-8 Honmachibashi

The Bowl
As promised, the broth was quite rich.  It wasn't super thick, but it was a strong shoyu with a bit of chicken flavor.  The noodles were medium-thin, firm, and very hot.  The chashu was served as a couple of thick slices which, like the broth, were very rich.  The bowl was smaller than normal, but it was very flavorful, which left me satisfied but not bloated.

Would I Go Again?
Everything about the ramen was great, save for maybe the egg, so if I'm ever in the area again I might stop by.

Should You Go?
If you're near Sakaisuji Honmachi Station for some reason, definitely stop by.

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