Thursday, May 17, 2012


One of the first ramen shops I've ever been to in Osaka was a Kio near Higashi Umeda Station.  It's the kind of place that has every single type of ramen you could imagine, along with a bunch of strange and seasonal variants.  It's hard to know what to get in a place that doesn't specialize at all, but at that time I went with a tonkotsu bowl recommended by Ramen Walker that was very good.

This time was late at night, after drinking with some friends near Dotonbori.  I've tried a couple "normal" bowls at Kio before, so I went with the crazy Saga black shoyu tsukemen.  With so many qualifiers, it can't be bad!

2-2-17 Dōtonbori

The Bowl
I can't think of the last time I've had a tsukemen with a broth so dark.  It tasted strongly of roasted soy sauce, was very thin, oily, and a bit spicy.  The noodles were thin and very chewy, and tasted alright with the sesame seeds and seaweed put all over them.  The pork in the broth was fairly standard, and there were also onions and menma deep in there.  The wari-soup made the broth a bit more drinkable, and the sesame went quite well with it, but it was still too salty to finish.

Would I Go Again?
Kio is alright and all over the place, so I'm sure I'll find myself back there again, but I'll go with one of the more standard ramens.

Should You Go?
There are better places to go than Kio, but their normal bowls are not bad and you can find them all over Osaka.

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