Saturday, May 26, 2012


I was on my way to check out some apartments and I wanted something quick to eat.  I didn't think I would have time to fit in a full ramen meal, but luckily I stumbled upon a sign posted outside of the yakitori-based izakaya Kuruma.  According to the sign, on weekends during lunchtime they serve up chicken-based ramen.  Can you expect any less from a place that specializes in yakitori?


3-4-13 Nanba

The Bowl
The broth was a thin, but rich and oily chicken broth.  It was slightly yellow-ish, and the thickness reminded me a lot of the broth at Totto Ramen.  The noodles were medium, curly egg noodles, and in place of normal pork-chashu, there were a couple large pieces of chicken.  Those were pretty fatty, and not bad.  Overall the bowl was good but not amazing, but it was very chicken-y and different enough from what I'm used to that I enjoyed it.

Would I Go Again?
It was good but with the restrictive hours I probably won't go back.

Should You Go?
It was pretty good, but if you're in the market for chicken broth, I would definitely hit up Taku or Men Life Taku first.

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