Sunday, May 20, 2012

Kuromonya Ramen

Right near the Kuromon Market in Osaka lies Kuromonya Ramen.  It's a small shop with only one counter that is open to the outside.  I've walked by several times, but never got around to going there.  It was the night before the solar eclipse, so I had to go to sleep early, but was hungry.  I biked over to Kuromonya to check it out.  They offered a few different kinds of ramen, and I decided on the one with the name of the shop in it, Kuromonya Black Raudoru Ramen.

1-21-28 Nipponbashi

The Bowl
I've had shoyu tonkotsu bowls before, but this was easily the fattest.  It reminded me of Jiro-style ramen in how filling it was, but where Jiro kills you with tons of garlic and oil, Kuromonya overflows with flavorful pork fat.  The noodles were medium, firm, yellow noodles that tasted like the ones that come in some Chinese dishes.  The chashu wasn't very tender, but it was super juicy.  The fatty broth and chashu combined to stop me from drinking all the broth; a rare but necessary occurrence.

Would I Go Again?
The bowl was pretty good and I'm curious about the other styles, but like other bowls I'm not sure if my stomach can handle it.

Should You Go?
It's pretty solid and in a good location.  Stop by when you're really hungry and don't have to move after.

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