Sunday, May 27, 2012


I was walking around Nishi-ku after looking at some apartments, and decided to get something to eat.  What better way to relax on a Sunday after walking around all day than a huge amount of garlic, oil, salt, and pork?

Bushido is a Jiro-style ramen shop located near Awaza.  Bushido is paired with a similar ramen shop in Teradacho called Wasshoi.  Both offer soups that will kill your breath and your stomach in huge, or "men's" sizes.  Thankfully they offer reasonable sizes for those of us who can barely finish a small.

麺屋 武士道
4-6-20 Itachibori

The Bowl
A classic bowl of Jiro-style ramen: oily, garlicy, and covered with chunks of fat.  The broth was scalding too, so my tongue hurt for a couple days after this meal.  The noodles were oily, firm and eggy.  There were some onions and cabbage in there so you can pretend the bowl is at all healthy.  The chashu were, unlike Maccho, not large chunks, but thinner strips, and not as good.

Would I Go Again?
It wasn't bad, but the best thing about this brand of Jiro-style ramen is that it came in a relatively small serving.  I won't go back to Bushido, but maybe I'll review Wasshoi some time.

Should You Go?
It's Jiro-style ramen you can eat without getting a huge size, but if you're aiming for the best, try a different place.

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