Tuesday, May 29, 2012


I moved to Osaka last June, but I didn't start writing this blog until August.  In that time, I went to a number of ramen places that I have no notes or posts for.  Some of them were bad, some were good, and some I barely remember.  Kokontei is in the latter group, and since it's conveniently right in Umeda Station, I decided to stop in again for a review.

Kokontei offers a couple different kinds of tsukemen, with an option of fat noodles or super-fat noodles.  I didn't remember what I got the first time, so I went with the staff's recommendation of the chicken tonkotsu tsukesoba, with fat noodles.

らーめん つけそば 古今亭
9 Kakudachō

The Bowl
The broth was thin but murky; it was very porky but I could only taste the slightest trace of chicken.  The noodles were thick as advertised.  The soup was thin enough that they didn't absorb much of it, which makes me wonder what the super-fat noodles would have been like.  The chashu was the best part.  It was tender and more similar to Chinese roast pork than the normal stuff you'd expect in ramen.

Would I Go Again?
The broth was a bit too light for me to love it.  I'm curious about the other kinds, but I'd just as soon go somewhere else.

Should You Go?
Kokontei is practically inside Umeda Station, so it's really easy to get to if you don't have a lot of time before getting on a train.  But if you do, there are better places around.

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