Saturday, November 12, 2011

Ramen Jackson's

Has it been a year already?  Upon arriving in the train station from my trip to Mino to see the autumn colors, I noticed that there was a new set of travel and food guides on sale.  In particular, the new Ramen Walker had come out!

Well, I did the only thing one could do in that situation, and picked it up.  Later that evening, to christen it in, my friend and I hit up one of the new places which I had not yet heard of.

ラーメン Jackson's
Ōsaka-fu Ōsaka-shi Fukushima-ku Fukushima5丁目16−20
Jackson's is a little south of Fukushima Station, in an alley to the west.

The Bowl
Another day, another gyokai tonkotsu.  Jackson's was rich, thick, and syrupy.  It stuck to the large menma and thick, grainy noodles very well.  One of the more delicious parts of the bowl was that there were a couple different kinds of pork; a couple thick pieces of chashu and an ultra-rich piece of kakuni. I could have just eaten that kakuni and been happy.  The wari-soup at the end was a bit fishy, with a citrus note.

Would I Go Again?
Ramen Jackon's was one of the better gyokai tonkotsu places I've been to, but there are so many and it wasn't mind-blowing and there's other places in Fukushima, so it's hard to say I'll be back.

Should You Go?
It's a very good gyokai tonkotsu place up north, so it's worth checking out.  I'd say the same things I said about Monjiro, but Jackson's is better, so come here first.

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