Thursday, June 30, 2022

Shinise Ramen Kamitora

It had been a while since I'd been to a Kamitora, but the sign outside that they were doing a collaboration with Junk Story was enough to drag me in. I walked in and ordered the JUNK Shoyu.

神虎に行くのが久しぶりでしたけど、Junk Storyとのコラボを見た瞬間に、行かなあかんと思いました。入ってみて、JUNK醤油をオーダーしました。

The Bowl
I normally associate Junk Story with clean shio ramen, but this was a big fatty, garlicky mess. The combination of garlic and pork back fat kept the ramen juicy, and tasting a bit like jiro-kei ramen. The noodles kept the best flavors of the broth, leaving the harsher points and back fat behind. The chashu was not as stellar, but I was glad to have tried the bowl overall, and sad that this was a limited time deal.

Junk Storyと聞いたらすっきりとした塩ラーメンのイメージがしていますけど、このラーメンは脂っぽくてニンニク臭かったです。ニンニクと背油でラーメンの味が強くて、若干次郎系に似ていました。麺はスープの味のいい部分を吸収しました。チャーシューはちょっと薄かったですけど、全体的に美味しくて、また食べられないのがちょっと残念です。

Would I Go Again?

Should You Go?

老舗らーめん 神虎

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  1. Benjamin, thank you for posting to your weblog again.
    Look at the posts {over on the right} of the other weblogs to which you link.
    They haven't made a weblog post in one year, six years, eight years! They have given up. Delete them. Try finding other English-speaking weblogs which orbit around this topic.
    I would entertain visiting Japan again. I haven't been there since September 2017. But the government won't let me in because they think I am a loathesome disease carrier. Even though I have been vaccinated three times in 2021. Argh.
    Maybe northern Europe will get my next international jaunt.