Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Ramen Expo 2016

Another year, another Ramen Expo! Don't check which year this is or you'll realize how far behind I am writing these.


First up was a collaboration shop, presenting their take on Nagoya's Taiwan Ramen.


The Bowl
A pickly, light bowl of clear soup, with simple strands of noodles that almost had the substance of clear rice noodles. The bowl was filled with solid chunks of minchi, chives, and the whole thing was just a bit spicy.


Next up was Menya Jiro, with tonkotsu ramen from Kagoshima.


The Bowl
It was a rich tonkotsu, but without the stinkiness, mellowed by shoyu. The noodles were short and medium-thick, but brought with them the perfect amount of flavorful broth with each bite. There were a couple different slices of chashu, but the thicker one stood out as tender and charred in a way that tastes like good American barbecue pork.


Until next year, Ramen Expo.



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