Thursday, July 23, 2020

Noko Tori Paitan Ramen Misora

I went ramen hunting with a friend in Kyoto, and we ended up at Misora, a shop I didn't realize at first was related to nearby shop Mitsuru. Knowing that, I decided to instead of ramen, order their Noko Tori Tsukemen Black.

友達と京都でラーメンを探しに行きました。美空に行ってみて、入ったら前行った美鶴の姉妹店がわかりました。ほんで、ラーメンじゃなくて、「濃厚鶏つけ麺 黒」を注文しました。

The Bowl
The broth was a strong and salty shoyu, with a heavy background flavor of chicken. The noodles were one of my favorite styles - round and smooth, ultra slurpable. The chashu was nice and tender, tasting strongly of ginger.


Would I Go Again?

Should You Go?

濃厚鶏白湯ラーメン 美空

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