Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Ramen Niboshi Yujiro Lab

Briefly lived Niboshi Yujiro Lab in Tenroku offered a variety of niboshi bowls, of which I went with the standard-sounding shoyu.

短い間しかなかった「煮干し裕次郎Lab」がいろいろな煮干しラーメンを提供しました。私は標準っぽい鶏煮干しラーメン 醤油にしました。

The Bowl
This bowl's DNA was more niboshi than shoyu; it was grainy and speckled with fish powder. It was pretty strong and salty, but the noodles brought a mellower taste with them. The yuzu peel was the premier topping, and along with the vinegar it was able to balance out the bowl to a place where it was quite drinkable.


Would I Go Again?

Should You Go?
This shop is now closed.


らーめん 煮干し裕次郎Lab

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